Home Automation

Home Automation

Home automation is a network of hardware, communication, and electronic interfaces that work to integrate everyday devices with one another via the Internet. 

Each device has sensors and is connected through WiFi, so you can manage them from your smartphone or tablet whether you’re at home, or miles away. This allows you to turn on the lights, lock the front door, or even turn down the heat, no matter where you are.

There are three main elements of a home automation system: sensors, controllers, and actuators.

Sensors can monitor changes in daylight, temperature, or motion detection. Home automation systems can then adjust those settings (and more) to your preferences.

Controllers refer to the devices — personal computers, tablets or smartphones — used to send and receive messages about the status of automated features in your home.

Actuators may be light switches, motors, or motorized valves that control the actual mechanism, or function, of a home automation system. They are programmed to be activated by a remote command from a controller.