Design & Development


At Access Telematics System (ATS), we develop simple web pages, internet applications, social sites, and e-commerce portables. 

Web markup and coding that requires a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The development of the website is such that it can be used both on mobile and computer devices. We are aiming to provide quality content on the website and establish trust among users, which will help increase the number of users, improve engagement, attract lifetime clients, provide visual content on the site, etc.

 At ATS we mainly focuses on making information available to users that includes information gathering, planning, design, content writing, coding, maintenance, etc.


Access Telematics System (ATS) develops apps for mobile devices such as personal digital assistants, mobile phones, tablets, etc., which require the use of resources.

Our main aim is to create a better user experience by making the app interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly. The number of users who use the app for a longer period of time, the level of customer satisfaction, increase in efficiency, etc. Users mostly pay attention to design, customer experience, and entertaining features. The process includes strategy and consulting, design and branding, coding and development, QA and launch, support and maintenance.


Here, at Access Telematics System (ATS), we develop software products that involve analyzing the needs of users, designing and then developing software to fulfill those needs or requirements of users. 

Software is developed using specific programming languages which in turn improve the quality of business. The purpose of customized software is to meet unique business or personal objectives, goals, or processes. It improves efficiency, productivity, customer relations, emphasizes business acumen, optimizes the business process, etc. Our goal is to implement the right code and to make sure a high level of quality is achieved. Languages used: Python, Java, C++, Dot Net, Scala, etc.