EPABX stands for Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange, a private telephone network used by organizations and businesses for communication, whether between employees or with clients.

The private brand exchange is a telephone exchange used by a single office or company, as opposed to the one that a common carrier or telephone company operates for many companies and businesses. Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is also known as Private Automated Branch Exchange and (EPABX) Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange.

It has made everyday work in offices and organizations much smoother and simpler, especially in the area of communication. The call transferring and forwarding feature has enabled the mobility of the users.

Automatic redialing of numbers and auto conferencing has initiated engagement which is also one of the advancements in the characteristics of the EPABX.

Communication Server

Communications servers are used by vendors and suppliers to build the network infrastructure for deploying communication systems, such as wireless, broadband, and IP-multimedia.

There is no doubt that the communications industry and the IT industry are strong supporters of communications servers. Support for communications servers as a category of server is developing rapidly throughout the communications industry.

Standards bodies, industry associations, vendor alliance programs, hardware and software manufacturers, communications server vendors and users are all part of an increasingly robust communications server ecosystem.