RF Equipments

RF Transmitter

A wireless transmitter is a small PCB sub-assembly that can be used to transmit radio waves, which can then be modulated to carry data on a network.

Wireless telemetry would not be possible without its brain. A radio frequency transmitter module is a small PCB sub-assembly that has been designed to be able to transmit radio waves and modulate those waves in order to carry data over them.

It is pertinent to note that the transmitter does not emit any odors. Despite the fact that the transmitter emits a smell, it has no smell at all. RF transmitter is hot to the touch, and smells of burnt smoke. RF transmitter has a consistent beep and is covered in a yellowish coating, making it a bit tacky to the touch.

Mobile Frequency Enhancer

The Mobile Frequency Enhancer is a rectangular device no larger than the width of a hand. It is a flat black color with a single silver square button on its face.

The Mobile Frequency Enhancer looks like an oversized hard drive, with a rapidly spinning internal mechanism. It is clipped to a belt in the small of your back.
The enhancer is a black box, black in every sense. Black shell, black face, black insides. It is almost two feet long, a foot wide and two inches thick.

Mobile Frequency Deactivator

Mobile frequency deactivators are small devices that can be carried around in the pocket. 

As its name implies, it looks like a walking stick with a knob on the end, except that the knob has a digital screen and three buttons on it.

There is one type of mobile frequency deactivator that can be mounted on wheels and has a rubber-coated roof and a padded floor. In spite of the fact that its walls are padded, they are made of metal.

The wheel well is padded and brightly colored. The wheel is cushioned and covers three-quarters of the wheel well.

The mobile frequency deactivator was a ring with a glowing blue center that accumulated in the center until it flickered out in a flash of blue light.